Introducing the
Property Portfolio Accelerator

"I would never have found this property without the insights I learned here."

Adam Rowland

"I feel like I have learned skills for life, let alone build a way to received income for the rest of my life "
Jennifer McPherson

"You saved me so much time when I had zero to waste – loved it. "

Sam Hilliard
What is the Property Portfolio Accelerator?

The Property Portfolio Accelerator is a unique buyers support system that streamlines the development of a high performance property portfolio and delivers continuous income.  In reality, it’s a proven system for building a portfolio like an expert.

The Accelerator uses a multi-layered purchasing approach that covers home, residential and commercial investment properties, allowing members to achieve their goals quickly.

Designed to assist buyers who want access to quality information and support while doing the ‘buying legwork’ themselves, the Accelerator effectively bridges the gap between building a portfolio without advice or paying for the services of a buyers agent.

Who is Debra Beck-Mewing?

Debra is the founder of the Property Frontline and has been buying and optimizing property for more than 25 years.  Initially building her property portfolio while working full time in corporate roles, Debra’s property experience has included buying and renovating property around Australia.

She established Crave Property Advisory which now provides property strategy and buying services Australia-wide, and developed a range of unique methodologies which help her clients achieve their goals including the Property Agility classification, the Modular Investing System, and the Crave Portfolio Monitor.

Debra has now developed the Profitable Property Formula and the Property Portfolio Accelerator to assist buyers who want access to quality information and support while doing more of the ‘buying legwork’ themselves.

A passionate advocate for increasing transparency and quality of advice in the property and wealth industries, Debra is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, licensed real estate agent and also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business. 

How you can benefit from joining the Property Portfolio Accelerator :
  • Know how to find property and build shortlists effectively.
  • Skillfully identify areas and locations that will meet your criteria.
  • Efficiently assess property so you avoid buying a lemon (or easily identify property with great potential)
  • Confidently develop offers and negotiate your purchase for the right price.
  • Successfully manage the settlement process to ensure your deals stay on track.
What you'll get
Guides and checklists
Find, assess and negotiate with skill to ensure you make the best purchase.
Specialist Insights

Use unique insights from qualified experts who would normally cost $$,000s in advice.

Your Questions Answered

Easily smash though barriers by having your specific questions answered.

What makes the Property Portfolio Accelerator so great?

The secret to our members’ success is the unique range of systems designed specifically for building a strong, resilient and flexible portfolio that delivers continuous income.  This means your portfolio income will outlive you, and will be an asset that can be passed on to friends and family. . . after you’re gone : - ).

Drawing from knowledge gathered over the past 30 years, Accelerator members learn to cut through the property market noise and efficiently find, acquire and optimise property that will perform no matter what’s happening in the general market.

Comprising a mix of ‘how to’ lessons, checklists, and guides and access to a team of experts from the full spectrum of the property market, the information is further enhanced by weekly Q&A sessions and continuous community online support. 

There is no other system on the market like this.

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