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The Property Frontline was developed to provide useful, realistic and practical information for property buyers looking to purchase a home or investment.

Buying a property will often be the most expensive purchase each of us will make, yet most buyers will make decisions on a whim either with very little information or without validating the information they are given.

It’s true that property can deliver significant wealth, but this only comes with making good choices throughout the purchase and ownership cycle and there’s much more to it than just catch phrases such as ‘location’ or ‘making your money when you buy’.

The good news is that we’re living through a period of significant opportunity on the property front – particularly in Australia, but also in other countries. You just need to know what to buy, where to buy and how to buy it . .easy, right?

The tricky part is sorting through the maze of information and the wide range of choices available.  But this doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look for.

And that’s where we come in.  The support and tools available here in The Property Frontline portal are designed to help time poor buyers make quality purchases that match your requirements.

Use the tools and guides to make purchases confidently and successfully.

Meet Debra

Debra is the founder and CEO of The Property Frontline and has been buying and optimizing property for more than 25 years.  Initially building her property portfolio while working full time in corporate roles, Debra’s property experience has included buying and renovating property around Australia.

After a frustrating experience trying to find advisors who could deliver quality advice (and realizing that she had more practical experience than the ‘service providers’ operating in the market), Debra established Crave Property Advisory which now provides property strategy and buying services Australia-wide.

With a view to providing clarity to what can be a complex area, Debra has developed a range of unique methodologies which help her clients achieve their goals including the Property Agility classification, the Modular Investing System, and the Crave Portfolio Monitor.

Debra has now developed the Profitable Property Formula and the Property Portfolio Accelerator to assist buyers who want access to quality information and support while doing more of the ‘buying legwork’ themselves.

A passionate advocate for increasing transparency and quality of advice in the property and wealth industries, Debra is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, licensed real estate agent and also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business. 

Debra is a regular speaker and author, and hosts That Property Program Podcast, The Property Frontline Podcast and Property Mythbusters.  She is Editor in Chief of the Property Portfolio Magazine and participates on numerous committees including the Property Owners’ Association.

And there's more?

Through the Property Frontline, you’ll have access to a team of specialists all with a solid track record of success, ready for you when you need them. 

Successful property buying is a team sport and you’ll need to work with people you like, so we have a range of people who can help you  – this includes finance, legal, accounting, property management, builders, stylists, architects, tradespeople, and a whole lot more.

The best part is that all service providers are recommended based upon skills and expertise – not commissions – so you can be assured of the quality and integrity of the services.

But don't take my word for it...
Here's what our clients think . . .
Adam Langley

"For me it was much more than finding properties, but the skills in managing your way through the process -eg- not wasting time on auctions or property that isn't best. Definitely felt like the fast track."

Elizabeth Wren

"Property Frontline is the real deal – we were able to adjust and move locations as we refined the idea of what we wanted – I know other BAs charge you for every different location and you pay the full amount even if you don't buy. We wouldn't have achieved this outcome with any other type of service."

Mike Forester

"Deb and the team provide such a comprehensive service delivered in a great way – I had withdrawal symptoms when we finalized our purchase and I realized I wouldn't be talking with them as often as we were during the purchase." 

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How can we help you?
So are we really different?
How many times have you heard the phrase 'property is all about location, location, location'?

If that's really true, then why isn't everyone who buys into the 'location' successful?

But, if 'location' isn't the key to successful purchases . . then what is?

It was this question that led me to the development of a NEW selection process . . .

The ONLY selection process that delivers high performing property for every budget level . . .

AND gives buyers the ability to control property performance no matter what the market is doing.

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