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I need help finding a property
At every stage of your property selection process, there will be plenty of decisions to be made. Here's your opportunity to have your killer questions answered so you can keep moving towards your goal.
  • Every question answered.
  • Access a knowledge base that spans the full spectrum of finding, assessing and negotiating property.
  • View questions asked by other buyers.
  • Cancel any time. No contracts
$49 monthly
All levels
I want to learn the process
The Property Purchase Program is a toolkit for buying property successfully.
  • Streamline your purchase using exclusive guides and checklists
  • Know what to look for and assess property like an expert
  • Use the Property Agility Scale to select the best property for your needs
  • Make offers and negotiate with confidence
  • Access a team of experts across every aspect of the property market
  • Overcome barriers by asking questions about your specific purchase
$599 monthly
Beginner to Intermediate
I want you to buy for me
The Property Fast Track is a full buying service 'done for you'.  This includes :
  • Development of tailored property strategy
  • Market analysis to selection the optimum location
  • Property scout to visit each shortlisted property
  • Council and land planning investigations, and building & pest analysis
  • Valuations, offer compilation and negotiation of purchase
  • Purchase management, shortlisting property management, and property optimisation plan
Price :
From $10,000
Full service suitable for all levels
I want you to help me sell and buy 
For those who want to sell in one location and purchase another / a few properties elsewhere with a view to creating a rental income stream.
  • Full selling advocacy services including assessment of sales price, appointing an agent and support through the sale.
  • Outline acquisition plan and sequencing / purchase scenarios.
  • Search, assess, negotiate and acquire next purchase / s.
  • Recommendations for optimisation, and assistance shortlisting service providers.
Price :
From $10,000
Full service suitable for all levels
Property Portfolio Magazine

Property Portfolio Magazine was created to provide practical information to time poor professionals looking to make good property decisions and build financial independence.

  • Covers home and investment purchases
  • The latest trends and how to apply them
  • Case studies and strategy examples and how to apply them
  • Practical advice and realistic market updates
  • Insights and tips from market specialists
  • Special offers, events, discounts and much more.
Intermediate to Advanced
That Property Program Podcast
Property Mythbusters - Myth = The FHLD Scheme will help first home buyers
Property Mythbusters = Myth = Free seminars will teach me how to invest
Property Mythbusters = Myth = Apartments are as safe as houses
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