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Introducing the Property Fasttrack for buying the property you want . . .confidently. 
Learn the proven process for buying property like an expert.
Get instant access to the information, coaching and exclusive Property FastTrack community so you can buy the property you want without wasting time.
The Property Fasttrack is ideal for you if you have asked yourself these questions
  • How can I make the best possible purchase?
  • How can I be sure I have all the information I need to avoid buying the wrong property?
  • How can I stop struggling with knowing what kind of offer to make?
  • Where can I learn which aspects of a property are important to assess?
  • Where will I get support trying to decide my next best steps?
  • Where can I meet and connect with other like minded people who actually have my best interests at heart?
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, and you are tired of struggling with the best approach to take, then the Property Fasttrack is for you.
What you'll get
Instant access to the step by step process
You'll have access to practical steps, checklists and guides that will show you how to choose the best type of property for your needs, understand the key rules of the property market, and make purchases with confidence.

You'll gain practical insights so you can avoid buying a lemon, and . . . what it will do for them, talk about the main benefits and highlight the value of that training.
Live Group Coaching Streaming Sessions
Each week we conduct a live group coaching session. You can attend and ask questions live. The best part is, if you can't make these calls live, simply submit your questions in advance. Every call is recorded so if you can't make it you'll always have the recordings available.

While it's great to learn from others, you'll reach your goal faster if you have information that's specific to your situation, so the coaching sessions provide an opportunity to ask tailored questions relating to any barriers or issues in your way.
Help and support from a focused, private community
The property market never sleeps so take advantage of being able to call upon a supportive community sharing tips, strategies and service providers.

The community also discusses key aspects of property market news, trends and unique insights about where the market is heading.  Discussions are lively with a mix of buyers as well as property market experts providing their views and answering questions, free from the hard core sales environment.
Buyer Insider sessions
Listen in to hear from industry specialists who will provide insights that give you the buying edge.  Covering topics from accounting, to styling and latest property strategies each specialists provides unique insider information.

Draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience of people with more than 30 years in the property industry and power up your buying skills so you can obtain the best possible outcome.
Get direct access to me and other property experts
When you join the Property FastTrack community you get direct access to me, Debra Beck-Mewing. You'll also be part of a supportive community that will help you find and buy exceptional property faster by implementing the insiders strategies, tips and tactics shared by experts inside our forum.
You'll also learn how I:
+ assess and select property that provides long term results
+ determine the right price and purchase conditions
+ conduct negotiations and participate in auctions to buy at the best possible price.
Gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of buying a property that really delivers on your needs.
We limit access to the Property Fasttrack to a capped amount of new participants to ensure we can deliver high quality support.
The next intake will commence from 24 February 2024
Get instant access to the content, training, community and Q&A sessions to help power up your purchasing.
Helping you get results faster
Inside the membership we help you maximize your results and solve your most pressing problems. Simpy post your success or struggles in the Q&A coaching section or the community forum. If you need help with the following:
  • If you are not sure about the best process
  • If you are tired of struggling with deciding what price to offer
  • If you feel stuck with knowing how to assess properties
  • If you are keen to gain insider knowledge
  • If you are confused and not sure what to do
  • If you tried different things but nothing seems to work
  • If you want direct chat access to me (Debra) and other industry experts
Is the Property Fasttrack right for you?
  • You have equity in an existing property or a deposit saved
  • You're earning $60,000 or more per year
  • You want to buy the best property for your budget
  • You have at least two hours per week to research properties and talk to agents
$2500 GST Inclusive
Full access to all tools and guides
Buyer Insider discussions
Weekly Q&A
Access to the Community
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