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What do clients get
It's your most expensive purchase. Get it right and you'll be set for life, but getting it wrong might mean you'll ruin your financial future.

Buying property might seem deceptively simple, but overlook the details and you can end up with a lemon. It takes time to dig through the data, which means you can miss opportunities while you're chasing a property that's wrong for you.
There's a better way, and we're here to help – from strategy through to purchase – and ensure you make the optimum selection for your needs.
Buy without wasting time  *  Make the most of every purchase  *  Build an income stream that will last a lifetime 
What makes us so good?
Unique process
There's plenty of ways to achieve your goals, but we have developed a way to ensure you reach your targets in the fastest, painless and most efficient way.

To do this, we use a powerful, unique decision making and selection process that will help you choose the best approach for your specific circumstances.

This process also delivers high performing property for every budget level, and gives you the ability to control property performance no matter what the market is doing.

Best of all it works no matter what you're thinking about buying including your home, residential investment or commercial properties.
Australia-wide + multiple search focus
You want to buy in the best possible area, but with the choice of more than 15,000+ suburbs Australia-wide how do you know which is best for you?

Our ability to run parallel searches means we can help you know for sure which area and property type will work for you.

Using our systems and quality market research, you'll have access to local knowledge and insights that will power up your financial performance.
High performing property
If you're keen to make your money work hard for you and build a secure financial foundation, the aim should be to purchase property that will deliver now as well as in the future.

The good news is there's more choices than you might realise, as our cities and suburbs expand, change and grow.

Finding the best options requires a technical approach to selection and the ability to quickly identify aspects that distinguish high performers.

Using our proprietary Property Agility Assessment Process, we'll help you choose the best property type and area, then assess and acquire the property for you.
Real portfolio specialists
The key to powering up your financial performance is to build a resilient portfolio that delivers continuous income, and because we're real portfolio specialists we can help you achieve this in the most streamlined way.

A resilient portfolio will provide you with maximum control and flexibility, so you decide what happens when the market changes.

We specialise in building portfolios that deliver a six figure annual income using three properties or less – and sometimes just with one purchase.
Comprehensive range of strategies
Are you thinking about a property strategy but not sure how to make it happen? Where we really make a difference is our ability to help you turn that strategy into action.

We offer our clients the most comprehensive range of property strategies available in the market.

This means you can use the strategy that you need from high capital growth, multiple income streams through to renovations, developments and commercial purchases.

We'll buy with your strategy as the guide, and then help you take projects through to completion.
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When you work with us . . .here's what we deliver.
  • Wholistic approach
    Help with existing property and buying more
  • Build continuous income – we'll help you develop an income that will outlive you
  • Comprehensive strategy choice – confidently use a tailored mix of strategies so you can reach your goals faster
  • Building + pest reports – analysis and feedback on what's critical to address
  • Optimum area + suburb selection – select areas that are poised to perform
  • Negotiation and acquisition skills – get the best price and outcome with each purchase
  • Property analysis – review the critical aspects to identify between a high or low performing purchase
  • Optimisation – advice and support for making the most of every purchase
  • After purchase support – access to exceptional selection of service providers
The team at The Property Frontline have been amazing. They really know their stuff and shared relevant and practical information.
Mark Coleman
I love how straightforward the information is, and also the ability to ask questions about things that were holding me back.
Susan Matthews
Can't wait for my next purchase. I won't be doing it without The Property Frontline – not only for the information but the insights and decision making support.
Irene McLain
There's plenty of conflicting info about property in the media, but now I feel like I can cut out that noise and make decisions confidently.
Josh Fowley
Here's what our clients think . . .
Adam Langley

"For me it was much more than finding properties, but the skills in managing your way through the process -eg- not wasting time on auctions or property that isn't best. Definitely felt like the fast track."

Elizabeth Wren

"Property Frontline is the real deal – we were able to adjust and move locations as we refined the idea of what we wanted – I know other BAs charge you for every different location and you pay the full amount even if you don't buy. We wouldn't have achieved this outcome with any other type of service."

Mike Forester

"Deb and the team provide such a comprehensive service delivered in a great way – I had withdrawal symptoms when we finalized our purchase and I realized I wouldn't be talking with them as often as we were during the purchase." 

A few of our recent purchases
How to buy property now
The property market has changed offering both opportunities and traps for the unwary.  Watch this webinar to gain insights into the following aspects of buying property now.
  • Key traps to avoid.
  • Features that deliver results.
  • New approach to maximise your purchases.
Click here to watch the presentation.
How we help
It's important to begin with a plan. If you already have one, that's great. If not, let's work together to identify your needs, goals, skills, and risk limits to develop some targeted activities. We can work with your accountant, financial planner or mortgage broker to ensure a coordinated effort if this suits your situation. Our initial meeting will cover the following points, as well as a range of others depending on your individual requirements.

o Review goals
o Property locations and styles
o Financial targets
o Level of involvement
o Risk profile
o Portfolio performance
Ready to start looking? Choose from a range of services including :
o End to end search
o Investor support search
o Shortlist analysis and acquisition
o Property specific analysis and acquisition
o Auction preparation and representation

Depending on your needs, we can also tailor services around your specific requirements.
You can take advantage of opportunities to add value to your property at any stage. Whether you already have the property or are in the process of purchasing, we can assist in planning a range of value-adding scenarios.  When you have selected the most appropriate strategy, we can provide advice to help you action your plan or manage the entire project for you. This includes but is not limited to the following activities.

o Renovation
o Granny flats
o Interior design
o Staging
o Sub-divide
o Develop
You have a plan and property, so what's next?  Depending on your goals and a range of other variables, we can provide advice on how to manage your portfolio or help you plan timing for adding another property to the mix. This includes, but is not limited to the following services.

o Property management
o Insurance
o Market watch
o Administration
o Sell
Determining price is one of the main points to consider in your property purchase process. Save countless house by learning:
  • The key elements to assessing price.
  • Where to find the information.
  • How to use the details you've gathered.
Who do we help?
We help people who want to have that extra market edge so they can buy the best property possible. People work with us because we can help buy homes, as well as residential and commercial investments anywhere in Australia (and soon . . internationally). We're qualified property advisors as well as buyers agents, which means our clients can pivot between their home and investment properties and reach their financial goals fast.
What's a property advisor?
A property advisor is similar to a financial advisor (the good ones, that is). We specialise in complex property decision making and can help you select the best buying approach, along with the best property type and areas for your requirements. We have the skills to be able to analyse your current property and help you leverage to buy more or optimise (eg renovate or develop) so you can make the most of your current situation. This requires a significant range of skills and knowledge including town planning, economics, finance, legal, accounting, property analytics, architecture, interior design, and project management. While we need to understand all these areas, in most cases we will work with specialists – for example your accountant, lawyer or financial advisor to ensure you receive detailed advice.
Why do you like profitable property?
By targeting profitable property - which in our definition means property that will cover the majority of the property costs such as the mortgage repayments, insurance and property management fees - you will have property that will take care of itself. So, if you wanted to take a work break to travel or lost your job for some reason you could easily keep the property because it isn't a drain on your finances. Alternatively, if you get caught up buying brand new property for the 'depreciation' value, you may not be able to keep the repayments going if you wanted to take a break from work.
Can’t we just choose properties from the web?
Firstly, not all properties are advertised on the web, but you simply can't use the information that's in an advert to identify a good property. Even if you're experienced in reading contracts (which is where you'll find more 'decision making' information about a property) you need to be able to quickly validate and gather many more details about the property before you buy it. We use everything from valuation skills, town planning regulations, feasibilities, demographics and market analysis . . . and that's before we get to the actual property which requires the ability to assess key problems and opportunities from a 'structural' perspective. AND . .all this needs to be done at warp speed to ensure you can assess properties quickly so you can rule out time wasters and avoid missing the perfect high performing gem. We use a range of systems along with our own Property Agility Assessment Process to ensure our clients buy properties that outperform the market.
What's the difference between a property advisor and a buyers agent?
A qualified property advisor has the training, experience and skill to help you use the best approach for your particular situation so you can reach your goals efficiently.  Good property advisors will have an Australia-wide view of the market and will help you optimise your position by considering multiple aspects of each purchase.  A buyers agent is licensed to help you purchase property but may not have an understanding of the broader range of issues impacting a purchase.  At The Property Frontline we provide our clients with the best of both specialties - as property advisors and buyers agents we help our clients build profitable income streams that last a lifetime.  We save our clients $100,000s through smart purchases, and make them $100,000s by helping them make the most of every purchase.
Why are we so special?
We offer the most comprehensive range of strategies, the ability to purchase in the broadest range of areas, and provide the most extensive range of end to end property services. To top this off we have developed a unique decision making and selection process that ensures our clients can achieve their targets in the quickest way. Click here if you would like to know how we can provide you that extra edge.
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