Lifetime Income Property Portfolio Service

The tailored approach to building a property portfolio that will pay you continuous income – FOREVER.

Does this sound like you?

👉 You're sick of dealing with people who want to push you into off-the-plan' or house+land 'deals'

👉 You know there's a simpler way to build a successful property portfolio

👉 You're tired of wasting time looking at property that won't work for you

👉 You want to be able to retire with a good selection of high performing property

👉 You're suspicious of real estate agents and just want to buy the best property for your needs.

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Buying the right property is difficult . . .
but there's a way to make it easier.

You've probably heard the phrase that success in property is all about 'location, location, location' . . .but if that was true, then why isn't everyone who buys into a 'location' successful? 

Forget about suburbs, even people in the same street don't have the same success. But if location isn't the basis for successful purchases, then what is? 

The truth is you need a solid strategy to ensure you make great property decisions. Buying property is one of the most deceptively difficult activities we face. It looks simple . . .but there's actually an abundant amount of choice and many layers of information to analyse to ensure your purchase will deliver as expected.

The good news is we have designed a service that ensures you can skip the problems and just enjoy the success in your property story by using the Lifetime Income Portfolio service.

Lifetime Income Property Portfolio


How to build a profitable portfolio that delivers continous income no matter how early you retire

Achieve your target . . . FAST.

Forget trying to buy 20 properties, then selling 10 to make it work. Because that WON'T WORK. Let us show you how you can build a successful property portfolio in a streamlined way that will ensure you leverage the full range of property strategies suiting your needs.  The Lifetime Income Portfolio service includes : 
  •  Clarifying how many properties you need to achieve your target
  •  Finding you the best range of properties
  •  Ways you can optimise your existing position
  •  Handling everything from shortlisting through to negotiation and acquisition.

Overview of the process


Take a peek at the way we approach the purchase process so we don't miss any opportunities, and ensure you're in the box seat to reach your target as quickly as possible.


Here is what's involved

1. Your Plan 

The secret to a successful and high performing portfolio is to have a plan tailored to your specific requirements.  With our help you can choose and use the most comprehensive range of strategies.

2. Take Action

Of course, a plan is useless unless you implement it.  We'll do all the work for you so you reach your target efficiently and without stress.

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Who does what

The Lifetime Income Portfolio Service will ensure you can :

➡️ Have clarity about how many properties you need

➡️ Relax knowing you're in charge of your financial future

➡️ Build a legacy for family or friends

➡️ Be confident you're selecting property with multiple opportinities

➡️ Reach your target in the fastest and most efficient way

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The Lifetime Income Property Portfolio Service will provide you with access to strategies that cannot be accessed through any other organisation.  This includes use of the Modular Investing System - a unique approach that will provide you with the fastest way to build a robust income stream.

Your personal strategy

What's right for your neighbour won't be right for you.  To ensure success you need a strategy designed to deliver outcomes that meet your specific goals. 

✔️ Select property classifications that will deliver optimum outcomes.

✔️ Use our unique research approach to select high performing locations.

✔️ Access  the Modular Investing System to build a property portfolio that will perform in any market.

Choose property guaranteed to perform

The current market is offering up plenty of opportunities, but also traps to avoid. 

Using our selection techniques, we will shortlist property that will deliver now and into the future.  In the majority of cases, this will be existing property - NOT new / off-the-plan or 'house+land'.  

Plenty get it wrong - don't let this be you

Data from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) shows that nearly 17% of Australians buy an investment property, but only one third will go on to build a portfolio.  The most successful investors utilise a plan and build a flexible portfolio that allows them to continue to buy and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We will develop a plan that is unique to your requirements and avoids the pitfalls of buying on the open market.

Ultimate flexibility

Using the Lifetime Income Property Portfolio service, you will have the flexibility to buy like a local in any location across Australia.  This means you can buy in markets with opportunity and optimise your portfolio.



The Lifetime Income Property Portfolio service doesn't suit everyone. Reasons this might be for you include :

 ✔️ you have equity in an existing property or saved a deposit

 ✔️ you're earning $60,000 or more per year

 ✔️ you want to ensure you're selecting from the full range of properties identified by a thorough search

 ✔️ you want to work with people who are experts at what they do

 ✔️ you're keen to buy property that meets your specific requirements

 ✔️ you want to build a portfolio quickly and efficiently without being trapped into purchasing property that will hold you back financially.

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