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Faves from our blog
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The big mistake property buyers make
Virus or no virus, there's one big mistake property buyers continue to make. This issue will make the difference between property success or failure,
Why use a Buyers Advocate?
Even before the Great Virus Crisis landed on our doorstep, the property market had become a very tricky environment. 
Top Five Lies You're Told
About New Property
The property market is bounding upwards at a rapid rate, introducing the perfect environment for spruikers, property weirdos and downright . . .
Property Mythbusters Youtube
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Property Mythbusters Youtube
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How true is it that checking property faults is hard?
Are you still aiming to invest in property? How true is it that real property is no longer a good investment?
Are you considering using short term letting as a way to generate income? Is it as easy and lucrative as the marketing suggests?
Property Portfolio Magazine
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Property Portfolio Magazine
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What's Best – First Home Or Investment?
Trying to decide whether to buy a home to live in or an investment property can be tricky.
Time for a property review
Irrespective of your views on where the property market is heading, there's no doubting we're experiencing a market ...
How to Save $100ks on Your Next Property Purchase
"We'll find you the perfect property and you won't have to pay me anything to do it for you." Sound good? Rest assured, if...
Let's get started.
Despite all the information out there, it's important to get answers that really work for your specific situation. Gain real clarity so you can move on to your next achievement.
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