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The smart DIY way to buy : - )

How to buy property without stuffing it up,
even if you don't know where to start

It's your most expensive purchase and it can make or break your future, so buying property is definitely something you should do with a good level of knowledge on your side.

Weirdly, buying property can look easy, but there's plenty of traps and ways to make the wrong choice, wasting lots of your time and money . . let alone the stress and confusion you can experience along the way.

But there's now another way to buy . . swing the buying power back in your favour by using the Buyer Success Program.

Everything you need to buy property . . successfully.

The Buyer Success Program has been designed to save you time, help you avoid problem properties, and increase your ability to negotiate and purchase your ideal property.  If you're not buying property all the time, it's easy to become snagged by traps in the process. The Buyer Success Program will help you avoid the traps, and skill you up so you can confidently take action.


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Does this sound like you?

👉 You're sick of getting the run around from real estate agents

👉 You know there's a simpler way to buy the property you want

👉 You're tired of being pulled in multiple directions

👉 You've started to realise media hype is not pointing you in the right direction

👉 You're staying up at night worrying about buying a lemon or missing our entirely

The solution to your buying success is here.

It’s time to turn the market power in your favour. 

Stop getting pushed to the back of the property queue, and use the Buyer Success Program so you can buy your target property without the drama.  Save your time, money and sanity by using the process, tips and insights you can only access here.  The Buyer Success Program is unique and includes the following key components.

Includes an extensive series of detailed videos explained by our Chief Property Strategist, Debra Beck-Mewing, and an exceptional team of specialists from key areas of the property spectrum.  Each video is a short-sharp lesson focused on helping you to take action and move forward.

Every lesson comes with a set of tools, checklists and worksheets, so you can keep moving forward . . just fill in the blanks! We've got you covered. Re-use for each property or location you're considering

The Buyer Success Pack goes where you go. Access all the information on your mobile or iPad, so you can refer back to key details while you're actually in front of your target property, or in front of your computer.

Take advantage of our limited time bonuses designed to boost your search and purchase process (see inside for more details).

Save $thousands

And stop wasting time.


We get it – buying a property can be confusing, stressful and exiting all at once. You've saved for a long time and just when you're ready, the market changes causing you to re-think your whole approach.

On top of this, you'll normally be pressed for time trying to stay on top of the research, new options coming up and then getting to viewings. Plus you have to deal with everyone giving you different advice, pushing you in all the wrong directions . . which is SUPER FRUSTRATING.

What you really need is a way to identify property without the pitfalls, buy it, and start enjoying it. And that's what the Buyer Success Pack is designed to do.

Save thousands by avoiding overpaying, stop getting the run around, and act confidently when you find THE ONE.

Streamline your approach
And reach your target sooner.


The Buyer Success Program is organised into four key pillars so you can identify great property matched to your criteria, assess it to avoid the lemons, then buy it either through direct offer or at auction.

Each key pillar is explained clearly to take you step by step through the buying process, designed to save you time and provide you with the ability to quickly access and re-use checklists as you take action.

Using the Program will ensure you're match fit – even though some markets are slowing you still need to be on your game to act decisively when you identify your ideal property.

You'll also have the skills to avoid problem properties, deal confidently with agents and use market information to your advantage.


When you have the Buyer Success Program, you'll be able to:

👉 know the top five features to check online before wasting time at a viewing

👉 be confident in knowing what price to pay

👉 identify the key aspects to check at your property inspection

👉 compile enticing offers that will get the sellers' attention

👉 know how to win your property auction

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This is a good fit for you if:


✅ You want to make great property decisions that will last a lifetime

✅ You've been looking for a while and keep missing out

✅ You're not sure where to start or what information is important

✅ You're not sure where to collect the right information

✅ You want to know how to validate information you're given by real estate agents

This isn't for you if:


❌ You believe you already know everything there is to know about buying property

❌ You think you can just make random property offers and still buy successfully

❌ You believe all real estate agents are on your side

❌ You believe what the media says about the market is right, rather than looking at relevant, independent information

Hi.. I'm Debra

After years of helping people buy property they love, I have compiled the Buyer Success Program to help you make great property decisions.

I see far too many buyers miss out on their target property because they're wasting time on the wrong properties or making mistakes that can be easily side-stepped.

By using the Buyer Success Program, you'll be able to focus on properties that are best for you, be confident about the price, make great offers and achieve your property goals without being tripped up by tricky real estate agents.

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What's inside the Buyer Success Program

It's time to take control and swing the buying power in your direction. 

Some markets are becoming favourable for buyers, but that won't last long.  Even where the market favours buyers, you still need to be match fit and ready to identify and buy the best property.

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✔    What to inspect at your property inspection 








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✔    Complete View

✔    Pinpoint your property price

✔    What to inspect at your property inspection

✔    How to buy through direct offer 

✔    What to inspect at your property inspection 

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