Get a tailored strategy, comprehensive search,

skilled negotiation and property optimisation services

so you can buy the property you want at the best price.

1on1 Property Mastery

 The end to end solution to buying the best property at the best price

How to buy property without stress

even if you have zero time to search.



Does this sound like you?

👉 You're sick of dealing with agents that waste your time

👉 You know there's a simpler way to buy the property you want

👉 You're tired of chasing around looking at properties that are wrong for you

👉 You're staying up at night worrying about the time it's taking

Buying the right property is difficult . . .
but there's a way to make it easier.

You've probably heard the phrase that success in property is all about 'location, location, location' . . .but if that was true, then why isn't everyone who buys into a 'location' successful? 

Forget about suburbs, even people in the same street don't have the same success. But if location isn't the basis for successful purchases, then what is?

The truth is you need a solid strategy to ensure you make great property decisions. Buying property is one of the most deceptively difficult activities we face. It looks simple . . .but there's actually an abundant amount of choice and many layers of information to analyse to ensure your purchase will deliver as expected.

Overview of the process


Take a peek at the way we approach the purchase process so we don't miss any opportunities, and ensure you're in the box seat to reach your target as quickly as possible.


Here is what's involved

Who does what

Using the 1on1 Property Mastery service you can :

➔ relax knowing you have the property you want for the best price

➔ tick the property search off your 'to do' list

➔ enjoy the benefits of property ownership

➔ work on leveraging your position to make further purchases

➔ be confident about your financial future

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 1 on 1 Property Mastery will provide you with access to strategies that cannot be accessed through any other service.  This includes use of the Modular Investing System - a unique approach that will provide you with the fastest way to build a robust income stream.

Your personal choice
While we can work to your criteria, you can have as much or as little input as you like. We'll shortlist the best from both on and off market options, but you have final say.

✔️ Select property that meets your specific criteria.

✔️ If buying interstate, use our skills and knowledge to select the best locations.

✔️ Enjoy the process while ensuring you don't miss any opportunities.

Avoid buying a problem property
The current market is offering up plenty of opportunities, but also traps to avoid. 

Using our selection techniques, we will ensure your property is problem free.  If there's a bargain that means you'll consider a property 'with issues', then we'll ensure you know exactly what the issue is, how much it will cost to fix it, and what to do next to ensure you can enjoy the property to it's full potential.

Buy for the lowest price

Sellers and agents want to sell for the highest price, but our job is to ensure you buy for the lowest price.  This involves the essential skill of assess the true value of the property, then deciding what price to offer.   

Using our approach, you'll be sure you're not over paying and will have plenty of options for the future.

Ultimate flexibility
Using the 1on1 Property Mastery service, you will have the flexibility to buy like a local in any location across Australia.  If you're moving from one area of the country to the other, use our extensive range of contacts to buy like a local - Australia-wide.


The 1 on 1 Property Masetery service doesn't suit everyone. Reasons this might be for you include :

✔️ you have equity in an existing property or saved a deposit

✔️ you want to ensure you're selecting from the full range of properties identified by a thorough search

✔️ you want to work with people who are experts at what they do

✔️ you're keen to buy property that meets your specific requirements

✔️ you want to buy without being misled by agents.

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