Get a tailored strategy, comprehensive search, skilled negotiation and property optimisation services so you can build your property portfolio fast.

The 1 on 1 Property Mastery service covers the full range of buying activities done for you so you can reach your financial targets quickly and without the fuss.

If you're looking to buy profitable property and build a portfolio that produces continuous income no matter how long you live, then this is the service for you. 

Are you looking to purchase your first or forever home?  You can use the Property Mastery service to ensure you find the best property without the struggle of wading through piles of information, or wasting time viewing properties that won't work for you.

Utilise the skills, contacts and experience of the specialist team at The Property Frontline to buy like a local anywhere in Australia so you can always buy in markets with opportunity.  Ensure you're using the best strategy, buying in the right location, paying the right price and acquiring an asset that will enhance your wealth.  1on1 Property Mastery includes the following services.
  • Tailored strategy - whether this is your first property or you're keen to balance an existing portfolio, you'll have a personalised strategy that will map the fastest path to financial independence.
  • Market analysis - we'll analyse the market and shortlist the best locations for your requirements to ensure you're selecting the best possible locations that will deliver on your targets.
  • Property scout - after we have shortlisted the best properties, we will send a property scout to view the property so we can be sure it lives up to expectations and the surrounding area has everything you need.
  • Skilled assessments - we will run council reviews, land planning investigations, plus building and pest report analysis so you know everything about the property.
  • Negotiation excellence - after completing a detailed valuation, we'll compile an offer strategy and negotiate the purchase or represent you at auction.
  • Property optimisation - once the purchase is locked in we'll support you through the steps to ensure you make the most of your purchase - for example, selecting property managers or scheduling renovations.
The 1 on 1 Property Mastery service is unique because it will put the full range of property within your reach.  We will help you make the market a side issue and build a resilient portfolio that will provide you with a continuous income stream that will outlive you.

You will receive unbiased advice delived in a commission free environment.  This means you will have the widest range of choice, and the ability to reach your goals in the fastest possible way.
Tracy Shepherd
"The Property Frontline team is amazing.  They made the process so smooth, and saved us so much time and money.  The property we purchased will set us up for life.  And that was just one purchase."

Mark Riley
"I wouldn't ever buy property any other way after this experience.  Property Mastery is now a key part of my portfolio approach.  The team helped me expand the range of property I can consider so I can quickly build an income stream that I can live off."
Kerry Thompson
"I was surprised at how much research was required to really check that a property is the right one.  Even so, the Property Frontline team covered all this off really efficiently and we were able to buy my dream property within a few days of it coming onto the market."
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1 on 1 Property Mastery will provide you with access to strategies that cannot be accessed through any other service.  This includes use of the Modular Investing System - a unique approach that will provide you with the fastest way to build a robust income stream.
Your personal strategy
What's right for your neighbour won't be right for you.  To ensure success you need a strategy designed to deliver outcomes that meet your specific goals.
  • Select property classifications that will deliver optimum outcomes.
  • Use our unique research approach to select high performing locations.
  • Access  the Modular Investing System to build a property portfolio that will perform in any market.
Choose property guaranteed to perform
The current market is offering up plenty of opportunities, but also traps to avoid. 

Using our selection techniques, we will shortlist property that will deliver now and into the future.  In the majority of cases, this will be existing property - NOT new / off-the-plan or 'house+land'.  
Plenty get it wrong - don't let this be you
Data from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) shows that nearly 17% of Australians buy an investment property, but only one third will go on to build a portfolio.  The most successful investors utilise a plan and build a flexible portfolio that allows them to continue to buy and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We will develop a plan that is unique to your requirements and avoids the pitfalls of buying on the open market.
Ultimate flexibility
Using the 1on1 Property Mastery service, you will have the flexibility to buy like a local in any location across Australia.  This means you can buy in markets with opportunity and optimise your portfolio.
How long does it take?
We know how to find, analyse and acquire property in the most forensically fast way, but we'll match our appoach to your needs.  Typically though, a search project will take four to six weeks but timing will vary depending on the complexity of the project.
Should I pay off my house before buying another?
Everyone's situation will be different and we can help you work out the best strategic move.  Many buyers use equity built in their primary residence as deposits for future purchases so the equity is working for you while you build your portfolio.  In many cases, profitable property investments can help you pay your home off quicker than if you hadn't purchased an investment property.
How much do I need to start?
This depends on your budget but generally, planning towards a 20% depsoit and 5% for acquisition fees works best.  For example - if you're looking at a $400,000 purchase, then you should ideally have $80,000 as your deposit and another $20,000 for stamp duty and legal fees.  There's a high chance you'll be able to proceed even if you don't have the 20% deposit though.
Why is 'profitable' property your aim?
By targeting profitable property - which in our definition means property that will cover the majority of the property costs such as the mortgage repayments, insurance and property management fees - you will have property that will take care of itself.  So, if you wanted to take a work break to travel or lost your job for some reason you could easily  keep the property because it isn't a drain on your finances.  Alternatively, if you get caught up buying brand new property for the 'depreciation' value, you may not be able to keep the repayments going if you wanted to take a break from work.
Can't we just choose from properties on the web?
Firstly, not all properties are advertised on the web, but you'll get much more than just good property selections when you use 1on1 Property Mastery.  This is because we know that to maximise success you need to do much, much  more than just select a property from a website.  Our service is comprehensive and includes broadening your search, assessing and selecting property that will perform no matter what the market is doing.  This includes sending a scout to every property before we buy it, constructing an offer, negotiating the purchase, and coordinating activities prior to settlement.  We then take the service to the next level by planning out your property optimisation options and helping you select service providers.
The 1 on 1 Property Masetery service doesn't suit everyone. Reasons this might be for you include :
  • you have equity in an existing property or saved a deposit
  • you're earning $60,000 or more per year
  • you want to ensure you're selecting from the full range of properties identified by a thorough search
  • you want to work with people who are experts at what they do
  • you're keen to buy property that meets your specific requirements
  • you want to build a portfolio quickly and efficiently without being trapped into purchasing property that will hold you back financially.
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