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I want you to buy for me
1on1 Property Mastery is a full buying service 'done for you' so you can stop wasting time and start enjoying your property sooner.
  • Buy the property you want for the best price without overpaying.
  • Avoid dealing with real estate agents.
  • Minimise risk and maximise success using our unique search approach.
  • Access a broader range of properties in your target area.
  • Stop wasting time on properties that will become a problem.
  • Includes full negotiation services and representation at auctions.
Price :
From : $12,000 + GST
Full service suitable for all levels
I want to know how to buy property successfully
If you want to buy property without stuffing it up, use the Buyer Success Pack to outsmart your buying competition.  At every stage of your property selection process there's lots to consider.  Gain insights into aspects of the process and a range of other support here.
  • Tips and deep dives on pivotal aspects of property selection.
  • Access a knowledge base that spans the full spectrum of finding, assessing and negotiating property.
  • Flexible, modular approach - use what you need as you need it.
All levels
Negotiation Navigator
  • Investigate pricing, zoning, neighbourhood impacts, conduct value estimates.
  • Conduct pre-purchase primary due diligence.
  • Develop buying strategy.
  • Liaise with agents / sellers directly to negotiate purchase or bid at auction.
$3,500 + GST
Per property
I want to build a portfolio that pays me $100,000+ per year
The Lifetime Income Property Portfolio service will help you build a property portfolio that pays you $100,000+ income per year – forever.
  • Easiest way to reach your target faster.
  • Achieve financial independence and take control of your financial future.
  • Equips you with a tailored plan and streamlines implementation.
  • Use the Property Agility Research Process to select best of breed purchases.
  • Buy any property, anywhere in Australia and some international purchases.
  • Access a team of experts across every aspect of the property market.
Tailored service
Full service suitable for all levels
I want you to help me sell and buy 
For those who want to sell in one location and purchase another / a few properties elsewhere with a view to creating a rental income stream.
  • Full selling advocacy services including assessment of sales price, appointing an agent and support through the sale.
  • Outline acquisition plan and sequencing / purchase scenarios.
  • Search, assess, negotiate and acquire next purchase / s.
  • Recommendations for optimisation, and assistance shortlisting service providers.
Price :
From : $12,000 + GST
Full service suitable for all levels
I want to handle the purchase myself but with a safety net
The Property Fasttrack is a toolkit for buying property successfully, and will suit  you if you're looking to buy with some smart support.  
  • Streamline your purchase using exclusive guides and checklists
  • Know what to look for and assess property like an expert
  • Use the Property Agility Scale to select the best property for your needs
  • Make offers and negotiate with confidence
  • Access a team of experts across every aspect of the property market
  • Overcome barriers by asking questions about your specific purchase
Beginner to Intermediate
Vendor Advocacy
  • Independent pricing assessment
  • Identify opportunities to retain if relevant
  • Recommendations for repairs and preparation for sale
  • Shortlist sales agents and review service offerings
  • Support throughout the sales campaign
No cost to you
It's important this service is tailored to your specific situation, so book in a time to talk so we can discuss advice that meets your goals.
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Despite all the information out there, it's important to get answers that really work for your specific situation. Gain real clarity so you can move on to your next achievement.
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