Swing the buying power back in your favour.  Use Negotiation Navigator to turbo charge your buying power so you can buy at the lowest price with the best terms.

Negotiation Navigator

Here to boost your buying power and negotiate or bid for you at auction.

How to buy the property you want without dealing with real estate agents.

Does this sound like you?

👉 You're sick of dealing with agents that waste your time

👉 You know there's a simpler way to buy the property you want

👉 You're tired of missing out on your target property

👉 You're not keen on navigating the purchase process without expert help

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Buying the right property is difficult . . .
but there's a way to make it EASIER.

When it comes to buying property, the odds are stacked against you.

✖️ The agents – no matter how nice they may seem to you – are paid by sellers to work for them and they're required to put their clients' needs before yours.

✖️ Agents are incentivised to get the best deal and highest price because they're paid by commission.

✖️ There's a limited number of good properties and an increasing number of buyers.

✖️ The purchase process puts sellers first – buyers are required to commit to the purchase before sellers decide who the property will be sold to.

On top of this, you'll normally be trying to make quick decisions and cover a huge amount of detail while spending a large amount of money.
And finally, the big issue to consider is real estate agents are negotiating on properties day in day out, but as a buyer you might only purchase a few properties in your lifetime.
So . . .yep.  The power leans to the sellers' side.  But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Swing the buying power back in your favour.

Get Negotiation Navigator on your side.

Negotiation Navigator

With Negotiation Navigator on your side, you can turbo charge your negotiation power and take the pressure off your position in the buying process.

We take care of the offer and negotiation process, so you don't need to deal with agents directly.  If your target property is going to auction, we can bid on your behalf.  

We'll ensure you purchase the property for the lowest price, avoid buying a property with problems, and be fully informed about the pros and cons of the property's potential.

We do the work, you enjoy the results.

Yes . .buying property can be stressful but it doesn't have to be. We'll take care of the tricky parts of buying your next property including : 

•      Conducting detailed due diligence so you have clarity

•       Provide you with skilled pricing assessments

•      Compiling offers and negotiating on your behalf.

Overview of the process


Take a peek at the way we approach the purchase process to ensure you're in the box seat to
reach your target as quickly as possible.


Here is what's involved

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Keen to know more?
Click here to see if we can help you buy the property you want.

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