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12 Sep 2020
Irrespective of how high or low the interest goes, there's one big mistake property buyers continue to make. This issue will make the difference between property success or failure, financial wins or downfalls, continued . . .
9 Sep 2023
There’s plenty of ways to be successful with property. Conversely, there’s plenty of traps.
28 Aug 2023
After all the scare mongering and media hype about the mortgage cliff, we’ve arrived at what was forecast as the peak transition period,
25 Aug 2023
For those of you who love a good rollercoaster ride, the share market has certainly been delivering this year.
1 Aug 2023
In light of the horrendous outcomes still evolving from the Mascot Towers (Sydney) incident and the similar stories coming to light, there's a timely reminder for buyers considering apartment . . .
10 Jul 2023
As Federal and State Governments continue to play economic roulette with the property market, we're seeing more sales agent tricks bubbling up. The latest one is the 'phantom other buyer'.
3 Jul 2023
Well it seems the property market has found it’s base. Despite the RBA increasing the cash rate again, the queues at opens are back and buyers are competing for their target property.
12 Jun 2023
Only a few months ago, property buyers were living the dream. Out of touch bank economists where saying the property market would never go any higher,
17 Oct 2022
If you’re like most people, you probably think of a property inspection as a necessary evil.
3 Nov 2023
For many, many years I have been totally anti-apartments. All I did was take a look at the amazing opportunities in buying houses
23 Aug 2023
Let's have a round of applause for the NSW and ACT Governments. They have figured out a way to make signing up to one of the most sinister taxes sound like you're getting a great deal.
20 Jan 2023
Yes. I can hear you complaining. How boring is land tax? Well you will find it intensely interesting if you understand the thresholds and consider . . .
30 Nov 2022
Acknowledging the fact underquoting is rampant in the property market is hardly a controversial point.
21 Nov 2022
Thinking about buying a property at auction? Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, there are . . .
14 Nov 2022
When you’re ready to buy a property, the offer you put forward is one of the most important actions of the purchase process.
26 Oct 2022
After threats of a market crash, property prices have recommenced their upward trend once again. There's still pockets of opportunity, though if you're waiting for a better time to buy, you had better get busy now.
20 Oct 2022
We've all heard endless stories of property achievements, but success is not guaranteed. Planning and good research will mitigate risks, along with knowing what to avoid and how to avoid it.
9 Sep 2022
In a market as volatile as the Australian housing market, it can be difficult to know what to do.
9 Sep 2022
In what many are saying is a stupid move, the Queensland state government has announced changes
27 Jul 2021
Lockdowns aside, this time of year is a great time to take stock of the market as we take a breath before the crazy . . .
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