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2 Mar 2020
While you'll hear endless market forecasts from media commentators with hidden agendas or data crunchers making predictions from their desks, there's nothing like hearing real, unbiased feedback from specialists who actually work on the frontline of the property market.
4 Feb 2020
First home buyers (FHBs) are currently in line for the opportunity of a lifetime, and now they can access a unique buyers' support system that will ensure the all important first purchase is one that will put them on a successful financial footing.
4 Feb 2020
"Gee . . they've been lucky". I hear this quite often when speaking to groups about what our clients have achieved. The truth is that people who experience 'property luck' have listened and acted upon experienced and independent advice.
4 Feb 2020
First . .a confession. I'll say right up front this will be a bit of a sarcastic blog. But after years and years of watching what happens to people who become victims of bad advice, I have finally reached my limit and it's time to speak up.
20 Jan 2020
Most of Australia's capital cities will benefit from the interest rate cuts and loosening of credit restrictions to record dwelling price rises over 2020 with Sydney and Melbourne leading the charge, according to Christopher's Housing Boom and Bust Report for 2020, released recently by SQM Research.
3 Feb 2020
In the theme of looking towards a lovely break – whether it is just one day or three weeks – thoughts of moving to holiday or lifestyle locations often come to mind.
2 Dec 2019
I love this time of year. Not only do you get to attend fun events, but I find the week just after Christmas to be a great opportunity to relax, review and plan for the year ahead.
21 Nov 2019
Homebuyers and novice investors need to be wary of spruikers pretending to be advisors as the property market heats up.
15 Nov 2019
No . . I'm not referring to beautiful cars, jewellery or fast men – although all those things are great. Property success indicators are pieces of information or data that should influence your property activities. This includes purchasing decisions, renovation and development decisions, as well as the crucial 'hold' or 'sell' choices.
10 Nov 2019
With so much misleading information flooding through the media, three property experts have banded together to deliver the truth about the property market.
20 Oct 2019
Has a family member asked you to provide a guarantee for their home loan or personal loan? If so, you need to be clear about your obligations under a contract of guarantee.
15 Oct 2019
Mother-daughter duo, Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak are redefining what it means to rehabilitate rundown homes. Karen and Mina were recently interviewed for a story in our new publication, Property Portfolio Magazine.
10 Oct 2019
Yes. I can hear you complaining. How boring is land tax? Well you will find it intensely interesting if you understand the thresholds and consider the implications when making your next property purchase.
1 Oct 2019
Those in the know will tell you in relation to property ‘you make your money when you buy’. So what should you be looking for when making your selection? Get insights into the less obvious factors that can add huge value to your property’s potential here.
1 Oct 2019
Finally the truth is starting to come out. Unfortunately, the reality of what has been happening in the property market is worse than any of us could imagine. A recent report conducted by financial monitoring firm – Mozo – reveals the extent of poor quality builds and their impact on buyers over the past ten years.
1 Oct 2019
Glowing property hotspot reports have long been seen as a 'cheat-sheet' into what's up-and-coming, however industry experts have revealed the information often influences poor choices rather than good quality selections.
29 Sep 2019
There's good news for first home buyers as one of the initiatives of the freshly elected Federal Government is the establishment of the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS). So, what's this all about?
6 Sep 2019
In light of the horrendous outcomes still evolving from the Mascot Towers (Sydney) incident and the similar stories coming to light, there's a timely reminder for buyers considering apartment purchases to check the property prior to purchase.
24 Sep 2019
Yes . . there really is more than one road. Not only are there multiple roads to riches, but there’s also rail and light rail and a host of other infrastructure changes coming your way. It seems all levels of government are finally getting their act together to (try to) deliver sustainable places for us all to live.
19 Sep 2019
You've made it! You've climbed over the paperwork, waded through your search, concluded your purchase and your tenant has moved in. You can now just sit back and count your rental returns, can't you? Mmm maybe not.
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