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NDIS property pros v cons

There's plenty of ways to be successful with property. Conversely, there's plenty of traps. The trick is knowing which is which.

In this article we'll take a look at the NDIS property approach.


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The mortgage cliff v supply

After all the scare mongering and media hype about the mortgage cliff, we've arrived at what was forecast as the peak transition period, a three-month duration where the bulk of the sub 2% interest...

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How to avoid a dodgy apartment

In light of the horrendous outcomes still evolving from the Mascot Towers (Sydney) incident and the similar stories coming to light, there's a timely reminder for buyers considering apartment...

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Agent Strategy = The Phantom Buyer

The fast-moving changes to interest rates and adjustments to property legislation has made the past few months challenging to navigate. As Federal and State Governments continue to play economic...

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The Big Con About Property Depreciation

If you're buying to invest in property, shouldn't you be aiming to achieve good returns on that investment? If this is true, why do so many people become trapped by the big con of property...

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Industry bodies join forces to issue spruiker warning

Homebuyers and novice investors are being blindsided by spruikers masquerading as qualified property investment professionals, with the financial consequences dire, according to two peak industry...

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